ABC Silver

ABC Silver Bullion Bars

There are 2 ABC Silver Companies within Australia, they are Australian Bullion Company and Ainslie Bullion

Australian Bullion Company (ABC) – Sydney & Perth

New ABC Eureka SIlver

Eureka Silver ABC

Eureka Silver ABC

Australian Bullion Company Silver is produced in 10oz, 500g, 1kg and 5kg bar form. All ABC Silver is of a purity of 999.5 or better.

The cast bars are all refined and manufactured in Sydney, the silver used in the refining process is derived from recycling jewellery, silverware and from ethically sourced mine supply.

All ABC silver bars are freely traded throughout Australia and increasingly worldwide.

ABC: Ainslie Bullion – Melbourne

A Melbourne and Online Gold and Bullion Store with their own branded bullion bars and ingots. Ainslie Bullion is Queensland’s most respected gold bullion company