New Engelhard Australia Silver Bullion Bars

These New Engelhard Australia Silver Bars are available from June 2015

Engelhard Australia is back! This historic brand is once again producing investment bullion bars. Engelhard silver bars are attractively cast with the modern Engelhard Australia logo on the front, and the weight and fineness on the back.

Every bar is Every bar is serialised and individually boxed in a protective cardboard shipper for protection.

These bars are available in 5oz & 10oz

10oz-silver-bar-engelhard-australia-new-2015-box 5oz-silver-bar-engelhard-australia-new-2015-box



Engelhard Australia

Engelhard Australia Silver Bar – Reverse

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XAG Instrinsic Tender Silver 10oz Stacker Bar

Introducing the XAG Instrinsic Tender Silver 10oz Stacker stackable bar

Produced exclusively in-house by Scottsdale Silver, Intrinsic Tender are pleased to announce the release of the TEN XAG stacker bar.

Product Specifications:

    • 10oz 999 fine silver
    • 73mm x 41mm x 11.4mm
NEW AG 10oz Stacker Bar

NEW AG 10oz Stacker Bar

NEW AG Silver 10oz Stacker Bar

NEW AG Silver 10oz Stacker Bar

What Does XAG Mean Exactly?

  • The trading/exchange value for pure silver in international trading markets. e.g. “XAG/AUD” means the price of 1 Troy Ounce Silver in AUD Dollars.
  • The unit of exchange value for tradable physical pure silver products, such as 999 pure silver bullion, coins, rounds in investment form or collectable form. 1XAG = The Exchange Value of 1 Troy Ounce 999 Pure Silver.
  • A currency symbol under the ISO 4217 standard denoting one troy ounce of silver