Perth Mint Gold and Silver Bullion Sales Move Higher

The Perth Mint of Australia has released figures for the total ounces of gold and silver sold as coins and minted bars during the month of July 2013. The numbers for gold and silver were higher when compared to both the prior month and the year ago period.

Sales of gold as coins and minted products for the month was 56,488.25 troy ounces. This reversed three consecutive months of lower sales after the large spike experienced in April.

The monthly sales for July 2013 represent an increase of 66.01% compared to the sales from the year ago period of July 2012 when sales were only 34,026.23 ounces.

For the year to date, gold sales are now 462,113.17 ounces.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales in Troy Ounces
Gold Silver
January 2013 65,683.71 670,544.36
February 2013 44,048.62 426,319.29
March 2013 50,356.16 408,178.52
April 2013 111,505.06 1,102,465.96
May 2013 86,983.54 587,454.82
June 2013 47,047.83 588,630.13
July 2013 56,488.25 697,247.39
Total YTD 462,113.17 4,480,840.47

Sales of silver as coins and minted products reached 697,247.39 for July 2013. This was up by more than 100,000 ounces from the prior year and represents the second highest monthly total for this year.

The latest monthly figure represents an increase of 54.02% compared to the year ago period of July 2012 when sales had reached 452,692.79 ounces.

For the year to date, silver sales have now reached 4,480,840.47 ounces.